Frequently asked questions

What is Black Raven Endurance Collective (BREC)?

Black Raven Endurance Collective is a Black, disabled veteran-owned business that serves as a connector and accelerator for other black-owned businesses and organizations serving the endurance sports community.

We believe that endurance sports, and specifically the business of sports, can be strong catalysts in breaking the cycle of inequality and lack of diversity in so many areas of our society. Our industry can create the social connections and economic opportunities necessary to create real and lasting change.

In order to move forward constructively, we are focused on the possibilities of the future, with a clear-eyed understanding of the past.

What is the purpose of BREC?

The purpose of Black Raven Endurance Collective is to inspire, nurture and connect a healthy and active BIPOC community with the endurance sports companies and organizations that wish to serve them with their life-changing products and services. Our long-term vision is for a physically, mentally and financially healthy Black / BIPOC community that feels welcomed, safe and supported by the endurance sports industry.

Is BREC a charity / 501(c)(3)?

No, BREC is not a non-profit organization. However, all of our live and virtual events have a large charitable component. Our goal is to be a positive economic force for bringing diversity and inclusion to all areas of the endurance sports industry. By walking, running or riding together as one connected community of businesses, membership organizations and humans, we can directly participate in creating more access to a healthy and active lifestyle for all. We believe that the real and lasting change will come from taking tangible actions that have a significant economic upside for all constituencies.

Why BREC and why now?

Endurance sports such as running, cycling, triathlon and obstacle course racing have always been underrepresented within the BIPOC community. The reasons for this are many - systemic, cultural and economic – but if recent events have shown us anything, it is clearer than ever that the societal results of this inequality and lack of diversity are not acceptable.

We are driven by a core belief that a free and democratic society cannot fully function until all people have equal access to the key elements of a healthy and active lifestyle. We also believe that economic incentive is one of the most powerful motivators for change.

What are some specific services that Black Raven Endurance Collective provides to organizations within the endurance sports industry?

Due to the background and experience of the team at BREC, we work with industry partners across all categories in a variety of ways that can be tailored to meet every partner’s specific needs by leveraging mutual strengths and filling gaps as needed.

Direct Services Include:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Creative & Graphic Design Services
  • Product Sourcing (Apparel, medals, hats, etc.)
  • Fulfillment Logistics
  • Race Directing Services (including virtual)
  • Fundraising
  • Experiential Events
  • Trade Shows / Seminars

Industry Partners / Referral Services Include:

  • Insurance
  • Accounting / Compliance
  • Legal
  • Public Relations
  • Industry Career / Employment / Recruiting Opportunities